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Tutorial Basics - Medical Transcription Software


1) Make sure that your microphone, headset  or handheld is set up correctly.  This is the number one cause of poor transcription accuracy.

- Sound Test Option 1

  • To test, Open your Windows Sound Recorder and record something.  If it comes out warped, then that is your problem.  For handhelds and digital recorders, use the sound recorder to test your sound files (.WAV files).

  • To open, click "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", "Entertainment", "Sound Recorder".

  • You can record something here or open a sound file that was transferred from your handheld.

- Check your "Settings".

  • To see settings, click "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", "Entertainment", "Volume Control".  Look at both "recording" and "Playback" properties.

  • Click "Options" in "Volume Control" to toggle back and forth.  These options are occasionally set wrong because of some other program.  Adjust them until you get a good recording.

  • Note "SPDIF" should be muted in XP.

- Sound Test Option 2

  • Within Dragon, Open "Accuracy Center" (Click "Tools", "Accuracy Center").  Click "Check your audio settings".  Run this test.

2) Another major cause of poor transcription accuracy is not having your profile matched with your current headset, microphone or handheld.

  • Each recording device (headset, etc.) needs to be trained separately.  A separate profile needs to be set up for each.

  • You cannot just swap recording devices and continue.

3) To increase performance of transcription, run these tools from "Accuracy Center"

  • Perform "Additional Training"

  • Run "Acoustic Optimizer"

  • Run "Increase accuracy from email"

4) Get the latest software patch from ScanSoft. http://support.scansoft.com/downloads/

5) Many (hundreds) scripts are already built into Dragon.  To view the most popular scripts for an individual program, just say "Open Command List" while in the specific program (obviously have DNS open also).