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Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Suite - Transcription Products


Dragon Naturally Speaking has a variety of exciting software suites which can help save you time and money. Not sure what you need? That's ok, ask me and I will help find the software that best fits your needs. Transcription product.

Dragon Naturally Speaking - Medical
Dragon ® Medical Practice Edition speech recognition software is a powerful desktop productivity tool that enables medical professional to work faster and more efficiently.
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Legal
Dragon Legal Edition enable you to create and format case files, contracts, briefs and more - all by voice - for improved effiency, reduced transcription time and costs, and faster document turnaround.ragon ® Legal Edition speech recognition software is a enables to speak instead of type.
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Professional Solutions
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional speech recognition software is a powerful desktop productivity tool enables professional users to work faster and delivers a compelling ROI to any organization.
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Premium Edition
Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking ® Preferred to produce memos, letters, reports, and e-mail – as fast as you can speak! Train it to learn your voice in just minutes.