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SayIt Cloud Based Medical Voice Recognition

No installation needed, unlimited devices

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Speak directly into your EHR / EMR or any program

Finally, the healthcare speech / voice recognition tools you need to optimize clinical workflow.

SayIt from nVoq is a cloud-based, healthcare speech / voice recognition solution that eases the pain of EHR adoption. Real-time dictation accurately converts spoken words to text in seconds, while simple-to-use voice shortcuts help navigate complex screens and menus. A Voice recogntion program that acts as a verbal keyboard - if you can type there, you can speak there.

SayIt works seamlessly with virtually any Electronic Health Record software, both cloud-based and desktop, and can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Why Choose SayIt

  • Can be accessed from the cloud in seconds. No need to install desktop software or network servers – that’s the beauty of the cloud!
  • Most providers are more productive within an hour after being trained on SayIt.
  • SayIt is a pay-as-you-go, monthly subscription based service that is very competitively priced.
  • SayIt supports many medical specialties and can be quickly customized to support the unique requirements of your practice

SayIt is so much more than voice recognition

  • Optimize your workflow by utilizing these addition SayIt services: You have the option of having a transcription service edit your dictations and post them to the EHR / EMR. This makes free-form dictation easier than ever so you can capture clearer, more detailed patient assessments. This is in addition to your capability of speaking directly into EHR/ EMR.
  • Create structured data from clinical narratives in seconds. You can choose to have relevant ICD-9, ICD-10, or SNOMED codes added to your patient narrative and returned to you. Deliver CDA or JSON formats as required.

With SayIt, the Future of Voice is Now

Affordable, monthly subscription based pricing with no long-term commitments. Try SayIt with a 30 day, no risk trial. High Quality value add services in the cloud that don’t break the bank. What are you waiting for? See for yourself the difference SayIt can make in your practice.


$70 per month (can cancel at any time)

$495 Onboarding fee:


  • Template and vocabulary setup
  • One-on-one web training
  • Accuracy Optimization Service (10 hours behind the scenes)

Yearly subscription $648 ($54 a month)

Includes access to administrator console

Free iPhone and Android remote microphone




Simple to Use



About SayIt


  • Cloud-based medical voice recognition software, designed to support accurate speech and touch-driven workflows

  • Speak directly into your electronic medical record software.

  • Simple to deploy / No server or desktop software to install

  • Works on both Windows and Mac

  • Portability –No limit to the # of devices. Dictate wherever there's an internet connection.

  • Smartphone & Tablet capable (iOS/Android/iPad/Windows Surface)

  • Flexibility - centralized administration console streamlines setup and management at no extra cost

  • Compatibility – works seamlessly with virtually any EMR, practice management software or standard text editor (i.e. MS Word)

SayIt – the alternative cloud-based speech recognition solution

…costs a fraction of the competition
…works on my Mac AND my PC
…doesn’t tie me down with a long term contract
…gives me the choice of voice or voice-less shortcuts
…makes my EHR bearable

I can actually spend more time with patients.
My cloud-based speech recognition really rocks.
What about yours?


Talking About SayIt

Jeffrey C. Gersbach, M.D., Emergency Physician
“SayIt does precisely what software should do: lets me concentrate more on the patient and less on the computer.”
Jeffrey C. Gersbach, M.D., Emergency Physician FOUNDER AND CEO OF MEDAMATION INC.
John Dorsky, M.D., FACS, CPHIMS, CHTS-CP
“Imagine stealing back some of the time you spend in your EHR every day. Integrating voice recognition commands into your workflow with SayIt can improve your efficiency and productivity.”
Charles Corfield
“The highest bandwidth communication from one physician to another is via story telling. The efficiency of storytelling derives from the fact that a well-chosen phrase brings a wealth of implied information with it, since it reaches into both parties’ years of experience. Computer records don’t share any common experience with anyone. SayIt technology helps bridge that gap.”
Charles Corfield PRESIDENT & CEO, NVOQ



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