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New Release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

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Dragon Medical Pratice Edition V4 (New) 1/22/18

Also en Español

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SayIt Medical Cloud Voice Platform

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Windows Speech Recognition - Medical Vocabularies

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Mobile Clinician

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Voice Recognition software

Philips Pro Certified Reseller - Speechmike, Microphones and Recorders

Olympus Pro Certified Reseller  -Microphones and Recorders

Welcome to 1 Focus Medical Software, a National Reseller of Voice Recognition, Electronic Medical / Health Records (EMR - EHR), and Medical Billing software.  My name is Ted Maher, and my business partner's name is Joshua Arciniega.  We  will be working with you to make sure that your specific needs are met and the right solution is found.  We are full service software consultants specifically for the Medical field. We have worked with most of the Electronic Medical Records, Medical Billing, and Voice Recognition software on the market.

We represent several product lines such Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon Dictate Medical for MAC by Nuance ( Voice Recognition software ), SayIt Cloud-based medical transciption software and speech recognition by nVoq, Amazing Charts, EHR software, Radekal EHR, Mobile Clinician EMR software by Trigram Technology ( Electronic Medical Records software ), and Atlas Digital Patient Payment Platform.

Dragon Medical in Spanish ( en Español ) available.

Please call us toll-free at 1-888-775-3020 for all your medical software needs.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 medical dictation software has been updated for Windows 10 and Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac 5.0 has been released (while not officially Sierra OS from  the manufacturer, we have been able to implement it as a reseller).



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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2                    


Every day, doctors scour the market looking for new ways to help simplify their office routines and reduce their costs. Medical Transcription software will save you time and money with your EMR Systems. By investing in Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Transcription Software by Nuance , you are investing in yourself. This Medical Dictation software package is also known as Dragon Dictate and Dragon Speak or just Dragon Medical.


· Instant Transcription - no wait - Saves Time

· Dragon Naturally Speaking costs 80% less than manual medical transcription and legal transcription.

· Save $17,000 per doctor per year in Medical Transcription costs

· Medical dictation software saves hundreds of hours of work  - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the answer.

· Populate any Electronic Medical Records software quickly.

· Plantronics wireless headsets as well as digital voice recorders by Sony and Olympus can also be purchased here.

. Dragon Medical in Spanish ( en Español ) is available also.

. Works seemlessly with any EMR Software, EHR Software and EMR Systems.


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by Nuance


Manual Transcription

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Average cost per year Per doctor       


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4


Average turnaround time per dictation:

UP to 48 hours


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Please take a look at Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac.

Works with all Electronic Medical Records software programs.

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Dragon ® Naturally Speaking

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