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Voice Recognition is here, and it is already in your Windows Vista, 7, 8 amd 10 Operating Sytems.

Save $15,000 compared to hiring transcriptionists.

You do not need additional software.  You just need a Medical Vocabuary.

Speak directly into your EHR or any program.

(Works with all Windows based Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records software)

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Trigram Medical Vocabularies - MedTopics


If you are currently paying for transcriptions... Simply take a glance and compare!

Windows Speech Recognition with Trigram Medical Vocabulary


Average cost per year per doctor


Only Once!  And Comes with free tech support from us, the experts!


Average turnaround time per dictation:


48 hours to a week

Trigram Technologies creates medical vocabularies, Dictation Topics, for the Microsoft Windows Speech Engine (built into in the Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems) .

You can see our sister website at www.vistadictation.com for even more details, but here are the basics.  

Trigram has been making medical vocabularies for speech recognition for over 15 years.  Each specialty contains over 35,000 medical terms.  

See a demo of Windows Speech with Trigram Medical Vocabuary - MedTopic!


Available Vocabularies - Dictation Topics

Allergy Behavioral Health Cardiology Chiropractic Dental
Dermatology Disability Evaluation Emergency Medicine Endocrinology ENT
Family Practice Gastroneterology General Medicine General Surgery Internal Medicine
Medical/ Legal Nephrology Neurology Nuclear Medicine OBGYN
Oncology/ Hematology Opthmaology Oral Surgery Orthopedics Pain Management
Pathology Pediatrics Physical Medicine Therapy Plastic Surgery Podiatry
Psychiatry/Neuro Psych Psychology/Neuro Psych Pulmonary Radiology Rheumatology
Urgent Care Urology Vascular Veterinary Medicine Worker's Comp

See the How-To page to see how Windows Speech Recognition Works

Windows Speech Recognition: Voice Recognition Software for Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 is better than ever!

If you have Windows, then you already have one of the most powerful voice recognition systems available.  All you need is the basic Home version (or higher) of Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 in combination with  a Trigram MedTopics medical vocabulary.  Your dictations will become as easy as speaking , and you will no longer have the need for transcription services!!!  Microsoft has invested many millions of dollars in research regarding voice  recognition over the last few years. For those of you who don't have Microsoft Windows, the overall cost of upgrading your operating system and purchasing a third party vocabulary or software is still less than a month or two using a transcriptionist.

Speak directly into Any EHR - EMR ( Electronic Health - Medical Records Software )

Actually speak into any program - Windows Speech recognition ( WSR ) is essentially a verbal keyboard.

Now, many of you have probably seen the skepticism around Microsoft's blunder of an introduction of Vista Speech (WSR for Vista) when it first came out a few years ago, but don't let that make you hesitant.  Most of the capabilities you're looking for in a dictation software are built in to the voice recognition software that you already own!  The only thing missing is the integration of a base vocabulary, contextual knowledge and phonetics. That's it!  Trigram Technologies offers Medical vocabularies with upwards of 35,000 words a piece.  The medical vocabulary has over 40 medical specialties to choose from.  Voice enable your EHR / EMR. The reason for Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition's lack of intrinsic capabilities is that in order to preserve memory and overall processor speed, there's no way Microsoft can manufacture a set of vocabularies that will encompass everyone's needs, especially in the medical industry.  We're talking hundreds of thousands of words for just a general medical or legal practice; likewise in trying to encompass a well rounded vocabulary for the general public!  Not to worry, there's a third party company, Trigram Technologies,  which provides the vocabularies for all of us!!!

Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) is a fantastic feature for those who require or even just desire the ability to dictate and transcribe hands free.   WSR works in virtually any application or dialog box you can type text into. WSR can take dictation from you, and transcribe it directly to your elctronic medical racords program with out all of the costs that transcriptionists and transcription services require.  Now, since Speech Recognition is already built in to your Microsoft Windows operating system, one can't immediately expect for the software to recognize your medical terms.   Windows Speech recognition ( WSR ) has great capabilities and is lacking in only one thing: The implementation of a large vocabulary which links those recognition algorithms to our speech patterns and our language!  Metaphorically, it's as if the algorithm is the foundation of a bridge, and the vocabulary would be the planks.  Vistadictation provides the combination of the speech algorithms with the contextual basis of the vocabulary, and we finally achieve the basis for an accurate voice recognition software.   You simply need to implement the Trigram Technologies MedTopics to have a fully functional AND accurate dictation software. Your EHR / EMR will be voice enalbled.

Windows Speech Recognition with Trigram MedTopics is fast and easy...

There's nothing complicated to enable dictation.  If the cursor is in a text-entry box, simply talk and it types!  It works in most web forms, email programs, word processors, you name it. It has been manufactured with the Microsoft Suite in mind.  Dictating to your computer is part science fiction, and part art.  Acclimating yourself to make this as natural as possible takes a little getting used to, but is ultimately quite easy.  At a glance, understandably, the voice recognition software appears to be a bit rudimentary.  It gets better over time as you "train" the software to your voice, but you can gain accuracy right from the very beginning by running the training option in the speech control panel. You'll read a set of sentences, and WSR will listen to your voice and adapt it's algorithms to improve its understanding of what you dictate.  They say it takes 5 to 10 minutes, but it tends to be more on the order of 30 minutes.  The initial nominal increment of time is not only necessary, but well worth it due to it's ability to increase your accuracy.  A general rule of thumb is to do as much training as possible.  If you ever notice any inaccuracy or feel like there can be improvement elsewhere, please continue with the training features in WSR.  To activate Trigram Medical Vocabulary, simply run the executable file (.exe) you've purchased from us, and follow the simple step by step prompt windows.  See our How-To page for further assistance.


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