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Voice Recognition Software - Definitions


As seen by the page defining voice recognition, Voice Recognition programs are software applications that would allow for the identification of spoken words by a machine. The spoken words are digitized (turned into sequence of numbers) and matched against coded dictionaries in order to identify the words.

There are several voice recognition software titles on the market, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking being the most sought after.

Computers have greatly advanced in speed over the last three years, thus greatly enhancing the capabilities of voice recognition software.   As seen in the History of Speech & Voice Recognition software and the Timeline for Voice & Speech Recognition software, once the Pentium III 500 was released, accuracy levels and dictation speed were dramatically increased.

Voice Recognition Software is now a truly viable solution both for transcription and hands free control of a computer.  A 99% accuracy level at 160 words per minute can be obtained within a week.

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